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Technical Distribution – with a helicopter

Mil-8 chopper on Technical Distribution duty in Prague
Mil-8 chopper on Technical Distribution duty in Prague

Technical Distribution often needs specialist equipment, but seldom a soviet-era helicopter.

I have been involved in some Technical Distribution activities over the years so I’m used to stair-crawlers, cranes and the like but a couple of weeks ago I saw something new.

Apologies for the poor quality of the picture above, but i was visiting a friend and didn’t have my camera with me.  I heard the sound of a chopper and when I looked up two odd thoughts occurred to me:

  1. ‘That’s an unusual helicopter flying over the rooftops’; and
  2. ‘What’s it doing with a large piece of equipment hanging underneath it?’

It flew into the middle of town, hovered for a while, lowered its load, then rose and flew back whence it came.  My local aerospace expert identified the aircraft as a Mil Mi-8.  That’s one hell of a specialist piece of kit.