Solved! The mysterious case of page 36 of the November 2014 Lufthansa magazine

WARNING – unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition

In an earlier post I drew attention to the peculiar censorship of page 36 of Lufthansa’s November in-flight magazine.  After literally minutes of detailed research I am now able to reveal – exclusively – the origin of the fuss.

Most of the copies I encountered after boarding a flight had the corner of the page cut off and removed, but on a couple of occasions paper had been stuck over the offending image.  Say what you will about the Germans, but they sure know how to source sticky glue.  Nonetheless, twenty minutes with a sharp knife and patience enabled me to reveal the picture that caused all the fuss.

Come hither cakes, apparently
Come hither cakes, apparently

Despite my best efforts I was still unable to overcome Lufthansa’s special glue fully, but I think there is enough detail there to see the origin of the issue.

What is most disappointing is that someone somewhere decided that this picture was so shocking and offensive that it merited such drastic action.  Sense of humour failure, sadly.