My name is Nick and I’ve worked in the logistics business for over twenty years.  My back ground is mainly in third-party logistics and for a long time I’ve been amused by some of the discussion and analysis I’ve found in the industry.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a number of really bright and interesting people in the industry but there are also, as in any industry, some that despite their exalted positions aren’t the brightest candle in the shop.  With this blog I hope in some small way to share experience and cut to the core of some of the issues we face that are clouded by jargon and assertion rather than analysis.

I also plan to indulge my passion for presenting interesting data and information graphically, and equipment and gadgets.

If you have any comments or corrections, or wish to contact me, my name is Joe and my address is that, followed by the usual symbol for at, then the domain name of this site.  Sorry to be so convoluted about the address, but the amount of spam flying around is hard to believe and until I can work out how to suppress it we’ll have to suffer.

Copyright statement: This is my work, and while I am happy for it to be quoted and used for non-commercial purposes. I do assert copyright over all articles, images and other media herein.   If you wish to use something for non-commercial purposes, please acknowledge the source and, where appropriate, link to the site.  If you wish to use anything commercially please contact me at the email address described in the previous paragraph.

If you share my cynical view of the world you might find the following interesting:



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